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  IIf you, even after having become the Citizen of the Earth-XXI, are not quite satisfied with what is going on the Earth nowadays;;

If you are concerned that our planet becomes worse and worse with every passing day and there is a risk of extinction of all life on it;


If you want a better life for yourself, for your children and grandchildren, for your friends and relatives, for future generations as a whole;

You should start to act more actively, involving in allies the most sane and reasonable people of the current generation to reach necessary results;

It is impossible to do alone or in a team with irrational individuals, even if they are strong or rich.

This can be done only by Earth CITIZENS with the mentality of the XXI century united into the Citizenship of the Earth!

And best out of these CITIZENS of the EARTH who should be sensible, intelligent, well educated, morally strong people with clear conscience can appear Earth Aristocrats.

* * * 

According to ancient Greek philosophers opinion among good people with an advanced mentality based on Wisdom, Reason and Morality for sure it is possible to find the best ones, best from the best - ARISTOS (gr.) - the most sensible and intelligent, best educated, moral, and wise with a most clear conscience. Only this kind of people are capable to organize in a due way a happy and safe Life on Earth. Therefore the governance on the planet, all the political power (KRATIA) in the XXI-st century should be everywhere in the hands (minds) of only such Citizens as Aristocrats of the Earth-XXI!

But in order to become an Aristocrat of the Earth-XXI, it is necessary for Citizens of the Earth still more to develop their consciousness and as much as possible to supplement already existing special ordinary civil knowledge.

If after having studied profoundly the whole volume of Civil KNOWLEDGE, you will consider yourself worthy to apply for the highest in the world a status rank - Aristocrat of the Earth-XXI, you should send your Application in e-mail, pay the registration fee and pass the procedure of the certification and inauguration in the Aristotelian Philosophical ACADEMY in Thessaloniki, Greece, or in one of its world branches.


Certification procedure involves an interview and, at positive result, awarding the Certificate, Identity card, and later on - the Decoration and PASSPORT of the "Aristocrat of the Earth".

Procedure of inauguration and certification in Thessaloniki is carried out within agreed time frame in one of the ACADEMY premises (the Conference hall of the Aristotle University or the Thessaloniki city administration). A distant (on-line through e-mail) inauguration and certification is also possible.

* * * 

After that your name will be put in the special LIST of Aristocrats of the Earth-XXI on the website of the WORLD PHILOSOPHICAL FORUM, that would mean authenticity received by you the Certificate, Id. card, Decoration and PASSPORT of the Earth Aristocrat, and after that you can start your activity in the world public status of the Aristocrat of the Earth-XXI.


* * * 

Availability of the Certificate, Id. card and the PASSPORT of the "Aristocrat of the Earth" should be regarded as evidence of wisdom, intelligence and the most high moral qualities of their owner, and to be the most authoritative recommendatory document at employment when applying for a managerial position in any international organization, transnational company, at elections or appointments on the highest State posts to all public offices in all countries and states. Only Earth-XXI Aristocrats can be recommended to be elected to Earth Parliament or the Supreme Council of the Humanity.